Welcome to the online outreach of Kehillah V'nei Yishrael-Ahavath Shalom Rav! This site was created to meet the needs of Diaspora whom live in communities that have no available Synagogue.
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  Welcome to our online Jewish information center
Directly below, please find links to the Torah Portion, and the Torah Commentary. I hope that you will find these sections to be educational, and that they will further your understaning of the history of our people!
Torah Commentary
Welcome to this weeks Commentary
Torah Text
Welcome to this weeks Torah Text.
To join our online virtual synagogue, please E-Mail the Rav at Nlevi@msn.com There is a small membership fee, but it is used to pay the individuals that keep this site going and those that update it weekly.. A small portion goes to the Rav for his work in recording services and for his research in the dvar Torah as well as the research of the Parshat. Thank you for your support. There will be added later, a virtual hall of Donors and there will be displayed bronze, silver and gold plaques with the name of the donor. Color is contingent upon donation. Thank you for your support. Kehillah V'nei Yishrael-Ahavath Shalom Rav Online Virtual Synagogue Outreach Ha Rav Natanel Ben Aryeh Levi Ha Cohen nlevi@msn.com Virtual_Synagogue@usa.com Daniel Cohen- President
Judaism 101

Due to the fact that absolutely NO orders were processed online, we have discontinued our online shopping. If in the future, you find that there is a need for T'fillin, Tallitot, Kippot and or Shabbat and festival items, please let us know. If we get a large enough response, we will activate our shopping cart again. We were losing too much money paying for processing, and getting no orders. We also had no membership increase, which is why you will notice that all but the basic things have been removed from this site. The work to update and maintain was too much, and there was no money coming in to cover these costs. Please enjoy what is left of our site!